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About the company

sac-1000-creative-sales-4Our Mission

Our number one goal when we began designing this product was to create an animal capturing system that would bring us into the 21st century.  Most foothold devices on the market today have actually been around for a couple hundred years and have changed very little. This product combines a variety of methods to make animal capturing as selective, effective and humane as possible!



Our History


A concept was developed for a side pull snare delivery device for animal capturing.  In its early stages of development it showed great potential. At that time, it consisted of a steel plate connected to a metal pipe that housed a coil spring. This is how Select-A-Catch® started. Our concern when using a lighter snare was that it may cut into the animal when captured. Through experience working on ranches, we realized using kinkless OB chains that wrapped around the calves legs to pull them out on difficult births did minimal damage to the calves legs, even when a great amount of pressure was applied.


Improvements continued to be made to the delivery device. Work was done on the snare utilizing the chain plus a breakaway S-hook to connect the chain to the snare lock, which could be used to release larger non-target animals once captured. Universal Select-A-Catch, LLC was formed and the initial patents were filed on both the delivery device and the snare.


For the next 2 years, we focused our efforts on improving the original 1000 Unit, including function and design. The final patents were filed in the U.S. and Canada. We were convinced that we were onto something that would change the trapping industry, as we knew it.


The device was modified into a non-hinge snare-throw system to utilize elevation wires. This allows the snare to slide vertically upward while being pulled to a closed position, allowing the animal to be captured. This was a much more user-friendly system and easier for people to understand. We also incorporated tandem springs with pulleys to make the parts more compact and one piece. An enclosed compartment of 1” depth was added to house and protect the moving parts. As a result, this made the device more durable. We envisioned this concept to ultimately be produced through injection molding.


Patent modifications were filed on the improvements to the foot snare device 1000 unit, also on the bear pipe set. Money, time and effort were committed to modifications and improvements. In order to make our product more affordable, we realized it should be made out of a durable composite material. Our earlier prototypes were made out of aluminum and were expensive to manufacture. We discovered Creative Sales and Steel Reality in Columbia Falls, Montana and their knowledge of injection molding and their facilities were impressive.


Working with Creative Sales and Steel Reality, the mold design was created. At this time we decided to approach investors that had watched the development of the unit from its early stages to the final product. Upon seeing the potential of the device that was not only humane and selective, they decided to join our team.


The injection molds were completed and the first units were produced. We have had very positive feedback regarding this device and its potential and we are excited to finally manufacture and offer a product that we believe is the most innovative, foot-snaring device on the market today!


With the business up and going, we have shipped units to areas throughout the United States.  Many Federal, State and Tribal Agencies are using our product.  Units have gone to New Zeland for Red Deer, and even Nepal and captured a Leopard.  We are very excited to finally get this up and going after all these years.  We continue to make improvements and are readily available for any type of tech support.




Our skills

72 years of combined experience in the animal capturing business and always striving to improve on existing methods. We believe we have reached our goal of manufacturing the most humane, selective and effective foot snaring system available on the market today.