A Valuable Tool to Capture Animals

Our background is being cattle and sheep producers, two of our three partners are wildlife managers. In this day and age, it seems like one of Montana’s leading agricultural exports is it children. Our innovation is a tool that will not only provide jobs in Montana through manufacturing or distributing, but also can be used in rural and urban areas for private wildlife damage control. In the eastern United States, many young people have started businesses in private animal management. This tool not only works in rural settings but in urban settings as well. The molding for our Universal Select-A-Catch® unit will be done in Columbia Falls, the boxes to ship the product will be made in Bozeman, the snares will be manufactured as well in Montana. By also supporting our website designers in Chinook, we are helping to provide much needed jobs and opportunities for young people in these rural communities. Some of the components are also being produced on farms near the communities of Choteau and Augusta, Montana.

Since starting this venture, our vision has been to manufacture an animal capturing device that is far more superior to any other product on the market today. We believe we have achieved this goal and protected our investment through patents in the United States and Canada. This Humane, Selective and Effective capturing device will work on a wide variety of animals from fox to bears. The applications can be used in Montana as well as worldwide and will benefit by providing jobs for young people and introducing a valuable tool for agricultural America. We have just finished having our molds produced and are ready to start our venture.

Winning this challenge will provide much needed capital and publicity to rocket start our business. We believe this contest will help entice young people to be inventive and will create a strong business opportunity in the agricultural and business industries.

What better way to get our message to rural America than through than through this Farm Bureau challenge.

We feel our product fits into the rural entrepreneurship category and will not only provide jobs, but will also introduce a valuable tool to protect America’s agriculture. We thank Farm Bureau for the opportunity to compete.

Read the full article on the Farm Bureau website here.

Thank you,

Allen & Terri Denzer
Mike Hoggan

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