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NEW!! Select-A-Catch®1000

Used by State, Federal and Tribal Agency's as well as private trappers for the last 6 years finally available to the public!

SAC1000 Unit

SAC1000 Unit

Select-A-Catch® devices are designed to humanely and selectively capture destructive wildlife and reduce agricultural losses now estimated to be in the billions of dollars in US and Canada annually.  Animals may be released unharmed on short-term captures.

This line of innovative devices was invented and developed over 7 years by professional Montana trappers, Steve DeMers and Mike Hoggan, who currently hold US patents granted and patents pending in Canada. Steve and Mike have a combined total of 72 years of experience. This led to the design of the Select-A-Catch®, a series of humane and highly selective devices for use by wildlife managers and trappers in private, municipal and governmental sectors.  This is a great tool for private trappers & dog catchers.

Select-A-Catch®1000 has been been successfully utilized to capture Coyote, Bobcat, Feral Dog, Wolf, Mountain Lion, Black Bear, Feral Hogs, and many other species. Select-A-Catch®3000 has been utilized to capture Grizzly Bears and Black Bears. This also includes control of problem animals in Federal, State or local municipalities and provinces in rural, urban and private sectors.

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There is no other capturing system on the market like this!

Our patented foot snare device will capture  Feral Hogs, Black Bears, Coyote, Bobcat, Feral Dogs, Wolf, Mountain Lion, and more!!


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